Senior Rehab West Des Moines

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Senior Rehab West Des Moines

Cedar Ridge living is the leading senior rehab west des Moines facility. With our highly trained and compassionate staff, the range of rehab services, and the luxurious lifestyle that we offer for our residents, there is no better option for Retirement communities care in Des Moines than Cedar Ridge Village.

We offer 4 main types of living options for adults at our Assisted living center in Des Moines that you or your loved ones can choose based on your preferences, the kind of assistance required, the duration of stay, the level of social interaction the adult prefers, and your budget.

Our Rehab Services:

Independent Living:

Perfect for adults that cherish their privacy and independence, and do not want someone to constantly meddle with their lifestyle, having the freedom to do whatever they want without the unwavering watch of supervisors, and yet not having to worry about the provision of the necessities of life such as food, utilities, hygiene, etc. Our independent living program offers the best plan for our adult residents to live in the peace of their private apartment, with the facilitation of all needs such as food, entertainment, electricity, individually controlled heating, and cooling, amongst others. Our community space also provides them with excellent amenities such as a spa, library, community center, to take care of their social needs and giving them a chance to relax and just enjoy their life to the fullest. Our emergency medical pendant ensures that when these residents need any help, they can immediately call or alert our staff with a press of one button.

Assisted Living:

Our assisted living program is for individuals who require help with their daily rituals and need an assistant to help them throughout the day. We offer the same comfort of privacy in the form of a private room and the same levels of luxuries and social events for our assisted living residents that we do for the independent living residents, but for the assisted living residents someone from our staff is always by their side (unless they wish differently) and takes care of their every need.

Short-term Rehab:

The short-term rehab plan in our Des Moines assisted living center is designed comprehensively and holistically that along with taking care of all needs of the resident, also provides them with the right physical, mental, or emotional therapy due to which they can quickly recover and get back to their lifestyle where they can easily spend their life from the comfort of their home and within the care of their loved ones. Our goal in this rehab plan is to make the individuals fit to return to their normal life in the shortest time possible and in the most effective and lasting way.

Long-term Care:

Our long-term care programs aim to provide the residents with the most pleasure and joy-filled life experience through the old age stage of their life. To make them feel at home, loved, and provide them with the right medical care. Take care of all their needs and provide them with the most socially pleasant and relaxing environment.

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