Rapid Covid Test Miami

Rapid Covid Test Miami

People across the country have been trying to navigate a world amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. With all of the testing options available, you may be wondering where the best Covid 19 testing spots in North Miami are located. You also have options in terms of a rapid Covid test in Miami that could give you the answers you are looking for much sooner. 

Of course, the initiatives on testing remains uneven and contentious. There have been plenty of concerns regarding objectives, accuracy, availability, and dealing with potential delays in the results. If a wider introduction of testing came out to give results faster, this might be the answer. You will find that there are pros and cons to this type of testing, which will deliver results to the patient in minutes. However, there have been studies showing that some of the tests may not be accurate. 

To know where to take a coronavirus test in North Miami and ensure you have dependable results, you need to learn more about how the testing works. It is also imperative that you work with a medical team that you can trust to answer your concerns and give you the care you are looking for. The availability of rapid test options will vary by location, so you may have to research. Here at Family Medical Health, we want you to feel confident that we can handle all of your testing needs. 

Covid 19 Diagnostics Testing in Miami 

The Covid tests that are available today fall into two categories, which are:

  • Diagnostic testing – This tells you if you have an active infection of coronavirus. There are rapid antigen tests as well as molecular testing that is more precise.
  • Antibody testing – This will tell if you have had Covid previously. There are rapid tests available here, along with serology lab tests. 

How Does a Rapid Covid Test in Miami Work?

These are diagnostic tests that measure your level of viral antigens. These are substances that tell the body to produce the immune response to whatever infection you have. There is personnel available in several settings that can perform a rapid antigen test.

The other diagnostic test type is a PCR test, which works to detect viral genetic material (RNA) levels. All of the antibody, rapid antigen, and molecular testing is also referred to as a point-of-care test that will give results when the sample is taken. These results are usually available in roughly 15 minutes.

It is only natural to be worried as you look for Miami coronavirus testing because you want to know that you will be getting reliable results. We want to address any of the questions or concerns you may have regarding your options for a rapid Covid test in Miami. Give us a call at Family Medical Clinic at one of our locations or use our online contact form. You can count on our team to ensure that you have all of the information and peace of mind that you need regarding our services and rapid testing options.

Rapid Covid Test Miami

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Rapid Covid Test Miami

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