Los Angeles Drug Rehab

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Los Angeles Drug Rehab

If you or anyone close to you suffers from drug addiction, we invite you to Manifest Recovery Centers today! As a victim of substance addiction, you have little time at your disposal. This is a progressive disease that will advance fast, delivering extensive side-effects and even death.

Our Los Angeles drug rehab treatment offers you a way out. Contrary to what other rehab facilities teach, the rehabilitation process is neither easy nor simple. A temporary medication detox plan won’t cut it, as it will only provide temporary relief. To remain sober over the years, you need to participate in a high-end rehab treatment that offers more rehab services than that.

If you show signs of aggravated substance addiction, you need to join our inpatient rehab program today. We offer a revolutionary form of treatment that functions on a holistic philosophy. Our recovery process provides a well-rounded recovery experience, including physiological detox, mental and emotional stabilization, and long-term sobriety and aftercare support.

Physiological detoxification

The detox process relies on personalized medication strategies to help you move past the withdrawal phase. Our clinicians use targeted medication to stabilize your behavior, eliminate the cravings, and increase the comfort during the cold turkey stage. You can only achieve these benefits by participating in a professional detox program.

We advise you against attempting any form of self-medication. Since you lack the knowledge necessary, you only risk making things worse. Come to our center, join the inpatient program, and our experts will provide you with an effective detox plan in a controlled and safe environment!

Dual-Diagnosis treatment

Treating co-occurring disorders is not only critical for your mental health, but for your ability to overcome your addiction as well. During our Los Angeles drug rehab, we offer dual-diagnosis treatment, along with evidence-based rehab services. Studies show that co-occurring mental diseases are difficult to diagnose when you have a substance problem running in parallel.

When left untreated, these disorders will cause you to relapse soon after completing the rehab treatment. To prevent that, we offer extensive medical, psychiatric, and psychological support for disorders like ADHD, PTSD, depression, personality disorders, etc. We only use certified clinical treatments like individual psychotherapy, EMDR, contingency management, CBT, DBT, and others.

Mental and emotional restoration

Drug addiction affects your mind and changes your behavior and emotional display over time. Our priority is to restore your normal cognitive functioning, as well as providing you with emotional and spiritual support during the treatment. We use revolutionary procedures like MBRP and the Matrix Model that are part of a multi-disciplinary psychotherapeutic treatment.

This model of treatment will reshape your cognitive and emotional functioning, allowing you to:

  • Become more positive, optimistic, and confident
  • Overcome your emotional traumas, including grief and loss
  • Achieve a state of mindfulness and improved self-awareness
  • Accept your faults and realize the need for improvement
  • Realize that you have the power to control your life, etc.

We urge you to contact us, at Manifest Recovery Centers and join our Los Angeles drug rehab today! Take our help and reach for a better future!

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