IOP Elkins Park PA

IOP Elkins Park PA

Are you searching for an IOP in Elkins Park, PA that treats mental health disorders? Renew Family Services is an excellent choice for outpatient substance abuse treatment when addiction is complicated by mental illness. Recovery specialists suggest that the best outpatient addiction treatment combines rehab for issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and trauma, so it makes sense to seek us out for IOP treatment nearby if you’re dealing with any such conditions. Feel free to contact us at 267-626-2018 to learn more about our programs and how they can help.

5 Key Benefits of IOP Treatment For Mental Health & Addiction

1. With IOP addiction recovery services, you won’t have to worry about a long-term commitment in rehab. Sessions are more flexible with outpatient programs and you’ll get to choose the days/hours of your recovery. IOP treatment is especially convenient if you have at-home responsibilities, such as children at home, school classes, or work. Our team at Renew Family Services recognizes the difficulty for many patients to stay overnight in rehab, which is why we have created a flexible IOP in Elkins Park, PA for addiction and mental health services.

2. You’ll pay less for outpatient addiction and mental health treatment than you would for residential rehab. If you’re not covered by a health insurance plan, outpatient treatment could be an affordable option that will allow you to get help to overcome an addiction or seek treatment for symptoms associated with mental illness.

3. You’re more likely to find treatment that’s close to home when you choose an IOP in Elkin Park, PA. With local recovery services, you’ll be able to build relationships in your local community that will last over the coming months and years. While recovering from addiction or addressing mental health issues, you’ll have access to resources in your own or city when you choose Renew Family Services.

4. Outpatient therapy supports your long-term goals. Residential or inpatient therapy only lasts as long as the program you attend; however, with outpatient treatment, you’ll have the option of continuing your recovery program for months or years. Connect with Renew Family Services to learn more about the many ways we can keep you connected to a support team to prevent relapse.

5. When attending an IOP in Elkin Park, PA, you’ll have the ability to put into practice the skills you learn in rehab. While everything in residential treatment is still in theory, outpatient programs have an added dynamic in play, requiring clients to immediately begin using the tools they accumulate along the way. Every day you’ll have a new opportunity to use and strengthen your coping skills when you attend IOP at Renew Family Services.

To verify your health insurance benefits and learn more about our programs, get in touch with our therapists from Renew Family Services. We welcome your phone call and look forward to the opportunity to answer your questions and assist you in selecting an outpatient program that’s perfect for your situation. Reach us at 267-626-2018 to get started.

IOP Elkins Park PA