Christian addiction recovery programs

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At Stonegate Center, we are a team of licensed counselors and clinical staff, and we offer Christian addiction recovery programs. Our faith-based approach to treating substance abuse disorders creates a sense of community, accountability, and fellowship in recovering addicts.

The spiritual foundation for addiction recovery

Faith-based drug rehabs use religious teachings and approaches to help people with religious beliefs overcome addiction. It restores and reinstills faith and belief in those with religious values, and creates a sense of responsibility and accountability in individuals towards a superior power. Our Christian addiction recovery programs address a recovering addict’s psychological, medical, and spiritual needs, and aims to help them attain improved wellness.

While the spiritual element is the major focus of treatment, we also use traditional drug rehab therapies and techniques to help patients attain comprehensive recovery. At our facility, we offer medically assisted detox, behavioral therapies, individual and group therapy, training on life skills and emotional coping mechanisms, etc. We also use bible study sessions, readings from scripture, and daily prayer and reflection sessions to help patients regain control over their mind, body, and soul.

What is gender-specific treatment?

We offer gender-specific addiction treatment programs to address the unique physical, mental, and emotional issues of our male and female patients. Our gender-specific treatment approach allows us to understand and address the fundamental biological and cultural differences between both genders. It will enable us to come with a treatment plan that incorporates values and needs that are important to each of the sexes.

While men begin abusing drugs for certain perceived benefits, women usually use it to self-medicate themselves from painful emotions and to escape stressful situations. Men use drugs or alcohol for increased concentration, sociability, or improved sex drive/performance, and women abuse drugs to mask the memories of a traumatic experience or to deal with an abusive relationship. These and other such differences make it all the more important for us to provide each of the sexes with specific treatment types to help them attain lasting sobriety.

Top reasons to choose a faith-based rehab

When you choose to join a faith-based drug recovery center, the clinical team will design a treatment plan to help you attain holistic recovery along with spiritual enlightenment. While the spiritual element continues to play a pivotal role in treatment, you will also undergo a variety of traditional drug rehab therapies. These include drug detox, individual and group therapy, supervised medications for withdrawal symptoms, round the clock medical care, counseling, etc.

Furthermore, patients who undergo treatment from a faith-based facility exhibit less harmful behaviors after rehab. Religious recovery programs also reduce the chances of relapse significantly in individuals and equips them both physically and mentally to lead a healthy and gratifying life after treatment.

Call Stonegate Center at (817) 993-9733 or write to us at for more details on our Christian addiction recovery programs. We offer the best accommodations and amenities that offer the utmost level of comfort while you focus on healing and recovering from substance abuse.

Christian addiction recovery programs

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Christian addiction recovery programs

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