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Online Training for Employees and Supervisors

We help organizations—large or small—implement practical and hands-on techniques for dealing with drugs and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

Who it’s for:


Micro & Small Businesses

(up to 25 employees)

Waking Up Workplace Trainings is especially helpful to small business owners and other agencies who have to seek outside training on preventing workplace related drug and alcohol substance abuse in their employees.

When it comes to workplace substance abuse, small businesses have big disadvantages and are most vulnerable in terms of inadequate training because:

  • They are less likely to have programs in place to combat the problem, and are generally less aware and up to date on recent changes in the law around workplace drug and alcohol substance abuse.

  • They can sometimes have an easy going and tolerant attitude to drug and alcohol substance abuse and misuse in the workplace.

  • They depend on every employee to carry their own workload. When that is reduced due to problems with an employee who is under the influence of drug and alcohol substance abuse, both the business and the other employees suffer.

  • Unfortunately, the cost of just one error caused by an impaired employee can devastate a small company.

Medium & Large Corporations

(more than 25 employees)

Waking Up Workplace Trainings offers a valuable service to larger size companies.

Here’s why:

  • By using Waking Up Workplace Trainings as a third party provider for drug and alcohol awareness trainings, many issues can be brought up and discussed in a neutral and objective setting.

  • Protocols for dealing with performance mandates can be improved and supervisors can be shown additional ways to deal with employees who may be in a vulnerable position .

  • Supervisors and Managers of larger companies are “in the front line” of enforcing company policy when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. Safety concerns are of paramount importance in dealing with substance abuse.

  • As a third party provider, Waking Up Workplace Trainings is in a neutral position of helping to re-inforce the corporate culture that is being aspired to, or alternatively, help create one that supports everyone.

What you get:

With our courses, you get all the information governing drug and alcohol substance abuse in the workplace, in a method that is easy to understand.

You will come away knowing:

What your rights and obligations are as an employer.
What the responsibilities of your employees are.
What your responsibilities are as a business owner.
What your liabilities are.
The signs and symptoms of substance abuse—Physical, mental and emotional.
How to develop protocols and an easy system to handle issues as they may arise.
How to develop management protocols to deal with workplace related issues around drug and alcohol substance abuse and misuse.
How to improve your skills to deal with difficult employees and sensitive issues.

Delivering straight up talk
— No chaser!

On workplace impairment and safety issues due to drug and alcohol abuse.

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